sexta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2009

What’s In Your Burger? (Fast Food Nation)

[ In California, the VP of Marketing of the Mickey's Fast Food Don Anderson is responsible for the hamburger "Big One", the number one in selling in Mickey's chain of fast food restaurants. When an independent research in the meat patties produced in Cody, Colorado, indicates the presence of cow manure, Don is sent to the facility to investigate possible irregularities in the meatpacking production plant and also the major supplier of kettle. Along his surveys, Don finds the truth about the process and how meat is contaminated. Meanwhile, a group of illegal Mexican immigrants arrive in Cody to work in the dirty jobs in the plant while a group of activists plot how to expose the terrible situation of the Mickey's industry. ] [+]

[ “Fast Food Nation” boasts a stellar cast from Patricia Arquette and Greg Kinnear to Bruce Willis, and others. The film not only makes a statement about the fast food industry; it also goes into the issue of U.S. exploitation of undocumented immigrants. ] [+]

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DANTE disse...

It's a drop in the ocean however. Its like the tobacco industries and all the plots they use to sell it. We can say whatever we want but they know very well how to bend the justice flaws around their own.
However...i'll check the movie out ;D


Canto Definido disse...

McMurder Shitburger :)