quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2009

Absence of Proof

He always felt like living outside his own body, as if constricted by his upsetting nonexistence, it wasn't total happiness neither it was a full body rejection, he also was able to somehow transmit carefully thought ideas to the other side, but the majority weren't translated into words at all, or even kept by the visible portion of him, all wishes, desires and yet to become unfulfilled dreams were put aside as soon as they left the main building, not everything was lost though, some of it came out and escaped the censorship created by his only link into this world, imagine being kept locked inside an apartment, all things are accumulated as time goes by, all limited by a very restrictive bottleneck to the outside, also like living inside a cracked dome, where you continue to grow uncontrollably until a inescapable painful death suffocates you at the end, there's no way to properly handle all the annoyances, afflictions and pain inflicted to the inner self, enslaved by his own body, limited to a set of rules, forced offerings...

(there is no truth, there is only uncertainty)

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