quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2009


Cupcake offerings at the other side of the river? yellow, tangerine and hammer head shark gray...

My hip replacement was a failure, I had my belief in a rice pudding bowl, I had a Elvis statuette in my car, and danced until 3am inside a gelatin filled swimming pool

The problem is that my head was lost in the desert, my body took control of the car and disappeared into the amazons, it was adopted by a long lost tribe and they forced feed me my own ribs through my urethra, bloody, tasty with chihuahua hair based sauce, my head tried to communicate with their leader using brainwaves, but it failed miserably.

You would need a second whale, there's only one white whale in this world, sorry...you could look around in some of the existing afterlife paralell rings of saturn

I'm really sorry to only inform you about this right now, but the whole universe succumbed, the implosion of the sun devastated all the life support systems in the existing planets. and the only one left is Saturn, the shattered fragments of the old moons became the rings I'm talking about.

You are not alive, you are dead...you're eyeballs are missing, and before that you where colorblind...the whale is white!!!!

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